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Amrita Bharati is a leading Syndication Agency specializing in children's features and features of general interest.
Some of our features are: For daily insertions we have
  • stand-alone comics strips,
  • comics strips serials,
  • This day in History and
  • Spiritual Gems.



Have you ever heard of a bird that drinks blood? Or plants that eat meat? Did you know that two species of mammals lay eggs? That a blue whale's tongue can comfortably accommodate an elephant?? Explore the wonderful kingdom of animals and plants in this section.

  1. Animal life in greater details.
    • Amazing Living World (Over 500 items)
      Each Amazing Living World capsule is 150 words long and an eminently readable nugget of information about the living wonders of nature, both flora and fauna.
      950 ALW items available, each with superb line drawings.
    • Animal Life (Over 100 items)
      A multi-faceted feature of 550 words on a single animal species and all there is to know about it! Facts, figures, descriptions, illustrations…you name it you have it.
      60 Animal Life features available each with hand-drawn illustrations.
  2. Focus on ecology
    • Green World (Flora) (Over 100 items)
  3. Focus on interaction between man and animal.
    • Man And Animals (Over 150 items)
  4. In general
    • Nature Watch (Over 200 items)
    • Nature Wise (Fauna and Flora) (Over 150 items)
      A longer feature, running to 350 words, is Naturewise. Each animal or plant is dealt with in more detail, with fascinating anecdotes and facts thrown in.
      140 Naturewise items available, each with superb line drawings.
  5. Amazing Living World (Fauna and Flora)
  6. Animal Bytes
    Unlike Naturewise, this 650-word page (tabloid size) is broadly thematic, featuring different aspects of a single animal or related group of animals, with the latest news of the animal kingdom and other tidbits.
    30 Animal Bytes pages available, each enhanced by stunning photographs.
  7. Animal Trivia
    Who doesn’t love trivia – those quirky, entertaining facts that can be read quickly yet provide food for thought? Animal trivia focuses on animal facts and happenings from around the world.
    400 Animal Trivia available each with an endearing cartoon or caricature designed to evoke a chuckle or two.
  8. National Flowers (series of 30)
    This is a series on the national flowers of 30 countries of the world. Ranging from the golden wattle of Australia to India’s lotus, each 200-word capsule is a treasure house of knowledge.
  9. Dogs (series of 30)
    Man’s best friend comes in scores of different shapes, sizes and colours. The series describes 30 breeds, including hunting hounds, retrievers, toy dogs and working dogs.
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