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Leading Syndication Agency In India
Content provider for leading newspapers and magazines within India.
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan,
505, Sane Guruji Marg,
Mumbai 400 034
Phone: 022-2353 1991
022-2352 6025
Amrita Bharati is a leading Syndication Agency specializing in children's features and features of general interest.
Some of our features are: For daily insertions we have
  • stand-alone comics strips,
  • comics strips serials,
  • This day in History and
  • Spiritual Gems.



All of us have tripped up on our English some time or another. The language is peculiar, with a whole lot of exceptions rather than rules of grammar! The pronounciation of English words is confusing to say the least. Mind Your Language presents innovative ways of learning English.

Laugh and Learn combines humour with the lesson. Wordwiz tackles common pitfalls and Origin tells you the story behind words.

  1. Crosswords (Over 200 items)
  2. Quick Crosswords (large & small)
  3. Guess the word (Over 500 items)
  4. Laugh And Learn (Over 100 items)
  5. Soundalikes (Over 25 items)
  6. Word Jumble (Over 25 items)
  7. Wordless! (Over 50 items)
  8. Wordplay (Over 50 items)
  9. Wordwiz (Over 100 items)
  10. Wordwise (full page)
  11. Mind Your Language (full page)
  12. Manic and Moyna (comic form)
  13. What a Word!
  14. Word Origin
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