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Amrita Bharati is a leading Syndication Agency specializing in children's features and features of general interest.
Some of our features are: For daily insertions we have
  • stand-alone comics strips,
  • comics strips serials,
  • This day in History and
  • Spiritual Gems.



In the space of just one century, the world has seen some mind- boggling achievements in science — in every field, be it engineering, medicine, or physics and chemistry. The moon landing; satellite communication; the invention of the aeroplane, the television, the computer; and ever-new medicines and vaccines to fight ever- more mysterious diseases. Journey through the wonderful world of science and scientists.

  1. Astronomy (Skywatch/Cosmos) (Over 100 items): Focus on stars, planets and celestial world
  2. Busy Body /Body Watch (Over 100 items): Focus on Human body and Conquest of Diseases
  3. Discoveries and Inventions (Over 100 items): Focus on major scientific discoveries and the scientists
  4. Factfinder (Phenomena) (Over 300 items)
  5. Hall of Fame (Scientists & Inventors)(Over 200 items)
  6. Health & Safety (Over 100 items)
  7. Out of the Ordinary (Over 150 items)
  8. Science Notes (Over 500 items): Snippets from the world of science. Latest discoveries and findings,interesting titbits and science trivia. 3 to 5 items in the weekly package.
  9. Science Track (Over 300 items)
  10. Simple Science (Over 500 items): Focus on scientific principles and questions related to science.
  11. Science & Scientists(Over 100 items)
  12. World of Science
  13. Hands On
  14. Let’s Experiment
  15. Q-A (Question & Answers )
  16. Geo Facts
  17. Science News
  18. Exploration of Space
  19. Inventors Club – Invention, Crazy Idea, Quiz
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