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Amrita Bharati is a leading Syndication Agency specializing in children's features and features of general interest.
Some of our features are: For daily insertions we have
  • stand-alone comics strips,
  • comics strips serials,
  • This day in History and
  • Spiritual Gems.



All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and Jill a dull girl. Sports and games are an essential part of life. A lot of famous people are sportspersons and we all know that the Olympic Games have become a huge event watched by millions of people. A mine of information on Sports and Sportspeople.

  1. Great Moments in Sport (Over 100 items)
  2. Sporting Spirit (Over 150 items): Amusing anecdotes about sportsmen(Over 50 items)
    Written and illustrated by well-know sports writer Austin Coutinho, the Sporting Spirit delves into the behind-the-scenes stories of famous personalities from different fields.
    150 episodes available.
  3. Window on Wimbledon (Over 50 items): Spotlight on a dozen major Wimbledon players.
  4. Olympics
    • Great Olympians (Over 50 items)
    • Behind the Scenes
    • Quiz
    • History of the Games
    • Offtrack
  5. Sportlight
    A 650-word thematic page on sports and sports stars, Sportlight features a lead item and three smaller pieces. It covers a wide range of topics in the sports arena.
    35 Sportlight pages available each illustrated with superb photographs and caricatures.
  6. Sport Stars
  7. Be a Sport
    30 mini quizzes on sportspersons that are both interesting and informative! In the form of true or false statements, they present the sport star’s career in a capsule.
  8. Let’s Play
    60 capsules – one on every sport in the world – its history, rules, legends and intriguing trivia!
  9. Board Games
    They drive away boredom on a rainy day! Board games have always been popular with people of all ages. From Indian and Eastern to Western, read 25 informative nuggets on the world’s well-known board games.
  10. Sports Dictionary
    The A to Z of sports ranging from baseball and badminton to luge and tug-of-war. All you wanted to know about each sport!
    Over 100 items.
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